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Party Supplies

Selection You Can Use!

At Rainbow Party Rentals, we carry the items you need. Whether it's a tuxedo for a wedding, a crinoline slip or a tux for prom, you can find it here!

Call or stop by to see what we have to offer.

Bride & Groom Dancing

Men & Boys Formal Wear

Need a tux for your wedding? How about prom? We've got the threads you want in a wide variety of styles and colors and all at a price you can afford. Looking for a sharp vest? We carry everything you need with a selection that spans sizes 3 all the way to 56!

Contact Rainbow Party Rentals and you'll be dressed to impress.

Let Us Help You

Crinoline Slips

Are you needing a crinoline slip to make your dress flair? We have your size!

Just stop by Rainbow Party Rentals and we will fit you with a slip that will meet your needs. Call or come by for more information.